Online accounting

Online accounting products can provide a straight forward, cost effective, solution to the small business owner.  Online accounting apps have been developed to enable the business owners themselves to operate them, and most online products have not been written by accountants, thus avoiding the products being over technical!

In terms of operating the software, once the day-to-day operations have been learnt, it is very easy to keep up to date.  Some systems allow information from bank statements and invoices to be uploaded automatically with the correct allocation to the various account headings.  A significant amount of data can therefore be input with just a few clicks.

Accessibility is a major benefit; the data is online so it can be accessed anywhere, anytime by any device that can get online, including smartphones and tablets.  Another benefit is security; data is fully backed up on secure servers and can be restored by the provider as it is not held locally on any one computer.

In addition to the benefits gained by those clients using online accounting, a key benefit for us is the ability for our staff, with the client’s permission, to view their accounts on-screen and make any necessary amendments to them.  Whilst we are doing this our clients are not prevented from accessing and updating their accounts, so there are no delays for the client caused by them having to send “the books” to the accountants and wait for them to be returned.

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