Business Strategic Planning Days

There’s only one golden rule if you decide to spend the day with us to discuss the future of you and your company………mobile phones are banned.

Other than that, anything goes as we aim to push you towards obtaining your personal and business goals.

These all-day sessions are principally aimed at the business owner who is ready to talk about he or she wants to go from here.

After several years establishing a thriving business, some owners tell us they want to retire in five years’ time.  Others say they want to spend more time with the family (though not permanently!).

While other owner managers say they want advice on how to take more income out of their company, but tax efficiently.

Or, after many years running your own affairs, you may want to take time out planning the next stage of company growth?

It doesn’t matter what you want to do – retire, earn more, buy, sell, grow – we can give you best advice about all these things.

We’re certain that you’ll find a Corporate Strategic Planning Day with us potentially life changing.

What’s more, we’re so confident of that we let our clients choose their own fee level for the day, based on how valuable they have found the time with Muras Baker Jones.

To set your own day, contact Chris Morris on 01902 393000 today or e-mail But remember to switch off the mobile on arrival.